Finisher Calf Milk Replacer

A low cost non curding CMR designed to be used after 3 – 4 weeks of age and following the use of standard CMR.

It may also be used as a 50:50 combination with liquid whole milks at 4 days of age following colostrum to assist in reducing rearing costs.

It may also be mixed in to boost liquid whole milk. i.e 125g mixed into 1 litre of whole milk results in the equivalent of 2 litres of whole milk.


Protein 20%
Fat 20%
Lactose 49%
Minerals 8%
Moisture 3%
ME 19 MJ/kg


  • Typically fed in the morning and evening with an 8 hour elapse between feeds
  • Mix 125g of CMR per litre of warm water (37°C)
  • One 20kg bag of CMR makes 180 litres of milk

Age Volume (125g CMR/litre water)
22 days + 3.0 litres twice a day


  • Store powder airtight in a cool dry place away from light
  • Cleanliness and hygiene of mixing and feeding equipment is vital to good calf health
  • Mix powder prior to feeding, not the night before as settling may occur
  • Eliminate stress by providing adequate shelter and a fresh clean water supply
  • Provide good quality hay and meal from 10 days of age to encourage rumen development